Susan Cowsill coming to the Blue Door / July 16


The Blue Door is honored to host such a wonderful American musician whose career has seen her become a child pop star and an Americana/Roots Music favorite –  please help spread the word!


Greg Johnson

For Immediate Release

New Orleans, Louisiana  6/22/09- The Susan Cowsill Band begins its summer tour after a critically-acclaimed warm up run in Houston for the Discovery Green Concert Series and Austin’s Saxon Pub where the band performed its concept show, Covered in Vinyl.  “Susan Cowsill and her band powered through a short set of their own material – as well as crowd-pleaser ‘The Rain, The Park, and Other Things’ before launching
into a spirited rendition of the entire 1966 classic Revolver by the Beatles. The band smoked its way through “Taxman” and never looked back while taking the largely baby-boomer crowd on a memory trip to the beginnings of psychedelic music with sweet renditions of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and the trippy ‘Love You Too.’ It
was a lazy Houston kind of night, full of peace, love and Beatles,” the Houston Press said.

The summer tour will include old favorites as well as new material from the yet-to-be-released album, Lighthouse. Susan Cowsill made her initial mark on popular culture at the age of eight with The Cowsills the 60s family pop group that not only scored Top Ten singles The Rain, the Park and Other Things, Hair, and We Can Fly, but also served as the real-life inspiration for American television’s fictional Partridge Family. During Susan’s decade with New Orleans’ roots-pop super group The Continental Drifters, she won the hearts of discerning listeners with her impassioned vocals and personally-charged songwriting, gracing three widely-acclaimed albums and a decade’s worth of riveting performances.

Susan Cowsill will join the original Cowsills for a two week run at the RFD-Theatre in Branson, MO from July 27 through August 8.  Cowsill’s vocal talents have beautifully supported recordings from artists as
diverse as Dwight Twilley, Redd Kross, The Smithereens, Giant Sand, Nanci Griffith, Carlene Carter and Jules Shear, while her compositions have been covered by The Bangles and Hootie and the Blowfish. In addition, popular artists such as Lucinda Williams have provided back-up vocals on Susan Cowsill’s recordings.
As a duo band member include Susan Cowsill (Vocals & Guitar) and Russ Broussard (Drums & Vocals).

As the New Orleans and Covered in Vinyl band add Jimmy Robinson (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Pete Winkler (Bass Guitar & Vocals), Mary Lasseigne (Bass Guitar & Vocals) or Janson Lohmeyer (Keyboards & Vocals).
“The best records give you a sense of the people behind them, and Susan Cowsill’s ‘Just Believe It’ (Blue Corn Music) is practically a 15-track version of “This Is Your Life.” Cowsill’s first solo album in a 40-year
career, ‘Just Believe It’ has the melodic and harmonic flourishes you’d expect from a one-time member of the Cowsills, who were among the finest purveyors of California dreamin’-style Nixon-era pop. – The Pulse, Chattanooga, TN

Susan Cowsill has been making music professionally for four decades. But there’s nothing remotely music business-y about her sound and approach. On the contrary, an evening in the musical presence of Susan Cowsill inspires such adjectives as organic, heartfelt, straightforward and, when she and the band get
cooking, simply rocking.” – Independent Weekly, NC