Ramsay Midwood Band – Fri, Sep 4 – 9 p.m. – $15

Ramsay Midwood is one of the coolest artists working today. Somewhere between blues and folk and country, Ramsay is really his own genre altogether. It isn’t likely that anyone is going to accuse Ramsay Midwood of being glossy or ultraslick anytime soon. Earthy, gritty, rugged, and soulful, Midwood is an Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter whose folk-rock, Americana, and roots rock owe a major debt to the blues — in fact, his songs are soaked in blues feeling. Midwood brings a variety of influences to the table. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Levon Helm, and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott have obviously had a major impact on his work; so have Bob Dylan and Tom Waits (especially Waits’ early recordings). There are traces of Bruce Springsteen in some of Midwood’s writing, and there are times when he brings to mind the darker, moodier side of bluesmen John Lee Hooker and Lightnin’ Hopkins. For this gig Ramsay has hired Terry “Buffalo” Ware and two of his Shamble bandmates, Marlin Butcher and Ray Van Hooser. It should be a great night of music.