The Blue Door Silent Auction

The Blue Door Silent Auction
Nov 6-8  2009

FROM:  Everett Moran
RE:        Silent Auction
WHEN:  November 6th, 7th & 8th
WHERE: The Blue Door
Dear Blue Door Supporters:
As many of you know, thanks to a very generous donation, the Blue Door will soon undergo long, needed repairs and improvements. Great care is being taken to ensure that the now legendary sound and vibe remains the same, while improving creature comforts with new, quieter climate-control, a water-tight structure, updated bathrooms, updates to the green room and office, structural improvements to the building and an exterior facelift, including landscaping. This promises to be a first-class, major upgrade designed to ensure that the Blue Door is around for our enjoyment for many years to come.

Of course, the Blue Door is just an empty shell without the selfless dedication of its visionary, Greg Johnson. Greg has introduced Oklahoma City to scores and scores of wonderful songwriters and performers who would never make it up here, if not for Greg’s willingness to go out on a financial limb to provide a musical
home for these artists and a unique listening environment for us. The capital donation being made will only go for the structural makeover, not towards operating. For over 15 years now, Greg has dedicated virtually 100% of his life to the Blue Door, constantly struggling with financial shortfalls. The money he is able to take out of the business keeps him well below the poverty line. If we want the Blue Door to continue, it must have renewed and sustained support from its patrons – in other words, us.

As a first step, I have put together a silent auction to coincide with the upcoming annual Woody Guthrie Tribute (11/8) and the two preceding concerts by Blue Door favorites, Don Conoscenti (11/6) and John Fullbright (11/7). I am asking for donations from both within and outside the Blue Door family. Most of us have something to contribute. We are business people that provide services or products we can contribute.
We are musicians and visual artist who can contribute some of our work or lessons.  We are athletes/enthusiasts who can contribute adventures or tickets to sporting events. We are gourmet cooks who can contribute a private culinary evening. Some us have vacation homes that we can contribute for a getaway.  The music we love requires the same sort of support we give to the Symphony or the
Lyric or Public Broadcasting. So, please join me in supporting this very important part of our cultural community.

To contribute, contact me directly via email ( or phone (206-414-5801).
All donated items/services are tax deductible, so be sure to provide me with fair market value of your donation, along with your description and/or digital image of the item/service being donated.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Everett Moran
(206) 414-5801 ofc
(720) 231-2423 cell
(801) 218-5742 eFax