The Carper Family on 11/01/12

“That’s the most infectious stuff I’ve ever heard!” — Bill Cody, WSM 650 AM

“Anyone who likes Hot Club of Cowtown will immediately engage with the small ensemble western swing and cowboy sound of the Carper Family. Bass player Melissa Carper has a penned a collection of strong original songs that work perfectly in their take on the retro-hip wave.” — Art Menius, No Depression

“There is such a thing as timeless music and these three women deliver it.” — Hank Alrich, Armadillo Music Productions, LLC

“The Carper Family is my favorite Texas band, and I know my high opinion of them is shared by many. This three-woman group performs in a traditional acoustic style, and their repertoire combines great country tunes with truly excellent original material… Each possesses a distinctive voice, and their three-part harmonies blend sweet-and-smooth with honky tonk for a gorgeous sound.” — Gary Mortensen, Texas Swing Kings

“Evocatively edgy harmonies” —

“They’re great instrumentalists, singers and songwriters and they have this unique way of blending contemporary with traditional. The result is this beautiful mix of timeless music.” — Cindy Cashdollar, Texas Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame

“Your music massages my soul.”— Girl in Austin, TX