2-Bit Palomino on Fri, March 8, 2013

“This cd is great. The harmonies are very impressive! All of the songs sound great. I must say that “Church Of The Underground” is a masterpiece. I hit repeat several times for that one. Really interesting melody and chordal harmony. Very compelling. Good job….” — Lloyd Maines, Grammy Award Winning Producer, Singer, Songwriter

“I really didn’t know anything about vocal band 2-Bit Palomino other than they had won a prestigious award in the 2011 Texas Music Awards. After visiting the band’s website at www.2bitpalomino.com, I was immediately intrigued. In the next few days I received their new CD in the mail and spent a great deal of time listening to their country folk style. However, categorizing this band as such doesn’t quite do the musicians justice because they have a very unique sound that differs from song to song-from the hauntingly beautiful lyrics, piano, and harmonies in “Church of the Underground,” to very upbeat songs like “Tulsa Tempest” and “Cotton Dress.” LifeinLA looks forward to the 2-Bit Palomino tour next summer!” — Mike Runner, LA Lifestyle