A note from Michael

Longtime friend of the Blue Door, Michael Fracasso, was in a car accident in November, and suffered multiple broken bones in his left hand, resulting in the forced cancellation of months of performances. His presence on our stage has been sorely missed, and the Blue Door family has looked for ways to reach out to him.  This year’s Woody Guthrie Tribute night was held for his benefit. Today we had a lovely thank you note from Michael.

Michael Fracasso
Michael Fracasso

Dear Friends,

Over the years I have participated in many benefits as a performer, several of them spearheaded by Greg Johnson at the Blue Door. It is most humbling now to find myself on the receiving end of the largess of the Blue Door fans, musicians and my friend Greg, who organized the event. I am deeply honored and grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of friends, fans and musicians who selflessly give and work to make the arts in OKC flourish and more importantly care for others. As you know from recent events, this world can be a pretty dark place, thank you for shining a little light of kindness on it.

I hope to be back to performing at benefits and concerts soon and am deeply touched that you have given me the opportunity to heal without the added stress of financial worry.

Have a blessed New Year!

Yours truly,

Michael Fracasso

The good news is that Michael is on the mend, and we’re looking forward to seeing him very soon!