Susan Herndon and Friends on Sat, March 23, 2013

Susan Herndon’s latest album, All Fall Down, produced under the direction of Lloyd Maines, is a collection of songs that includes country, pop, blues, rock, reggae, bluegrass, jug-band, a ballad, a poetry-ramble, and a French song. (…always a French song thrown-in, car elle parle un petit peu de francais aussi…) The unifying thread being, “quite simply, she has one of the sweetest and most comforting female voices… of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a gifted songwriter.”

Said to be “something of a trailblazer, unfettered by labels or boundaries,” Susan simply considers herself an existentialist drawing from life experience and observation in order to write.

“You can call her music singer-songwriter music, Red Dirt music, folk music. Just about the only thing you can’t call it is easy listening… she has both a facility for lyrics that mean something, and remains fiercly independent.” Whatever the descriptions or comparisons, “Herndon might be described as eclectic or versatile, but never predictable– and always entertaining.”

With special guests, Hank and Shaidri Alrich: Blue folk Americana soul country old time blood harmony brand new acoustic music.