Zoe Muth on Sat, June 15, 2013

On New Year’s Day 2013, with only the few belongings they could fit in their van, Zoe Muth and drummer Greg Nies, left their hometown of Seattle, Washington for Austin, Texas. After three years of touring the United States and Europe and three critically acclaimed self-produced albums, it was time for a change of sound and scenery.

In a town where legends play free shows on a Wednesday afternoon, Zoe is finding her niche, separating herself from more traditional country singers with her unique phrasing and poignant story-song writing, not to mention a pure, honest vocal delivery that has been compared to Iris and Emmylou. The result is a sound that has has been referred to as “Soulful Country” and “Cosmic Americana” A sound which is both timeless and strikingly original. Together with a new four-piece band, she’s recreating the old songs as well as arranging brand new tunes for an upcoming fourth release.

Her first album, recorded on a pre-school teacher’s budget, was meant to be a test. “Is is anyone gonna like this stuff?” As soon as 3rd Coast Music Magazine Editor John Conquest got a hold of it, he spread the word. It soon went straight to number 1 on the Freeform American Roots and Euro Americana Charts. Later that year it ended up on NoDepressions’s top albums of 2009. That, and the kind words of current labelmate Eilen Jewell, were enough to get her signed to Signature Sounds. The sophomore effort Starlight Hotel followed in 2011 which went on to further cement her Americana cred. The 2012 release of the “Old Gold” EP led Muth and the Lost High Rollers to their first success on the AMA chart.