Good Girls with Bad Intentions – Lisa Morales, Robyn Ludwick, Shelly King on Fri, September 6, 2013

An afterthought of a typical songwriter series at the Mucky Duck with some of her favorite talented and vivacious Women-in-Texas-Music comrades, inspired Lisa Morales to put together a unique group of gals for a series of Texas dates – Lisa Morales, Shelley King, Miss Leslie, and Robyn Ludwick. “I chose these women to join me because we are all strong in our own styles. I wanted audiences to be the fly on the wall that got to see what would happen when we sat in a room together and made music. We all have a bit of country music in us-that Texas, intangible thread.” says Morales.

While trying to figure out what the first show in the series would be dubbed, Rusty Andrews of The Mucky Duck said “How about Good Girls with Bad Intentions?”…and it stuck. Little did the girls know that on-stage together, this theme would be spot-on, and then some. “It can get to be a down-right tough room –the diversity of the talent and songwriting coupled with the raw and boisterous humor”, says Ludwick after the first two shows of the tour. “It can begin with a moving song that will break your heart and quickly turn to a ‘no boys allowed’ drinking song” adds Ludwick.

One thing is for sure– there is never a dull moment and the endearing qualities of this group of women will touch you deeply and make you laugh til you cry.