Sarah McQuaid on Wed, September 25, 2013

The Plum Tree and The Rose (Sarah McQuaid)
Let me get right to the point about this CD. Sarah McQuaid’s “The Plum Tree And The Rose” is the most distinctive and pleasant recording I have had the pleasure of coming across in quite some time. I recommend this one one highly! Here’s why: Sarah McQuaid has a sound that would resonate in a King’s castle, or a gathering of people who would enjoy hearing songs about love, war, peace, and hope. Above all else, McQuaid’s voice is blessed with a calming, comforting sound that is so easy to listen to, so her lyrics enter the mind with no sonic abrasion. The music is a range of exceptional mellow rock that is a warm mix of contemporary folk music and Celtic nuances of texture, and tone. The band features electric piano, acoustic piano, lyrical trumpet, bass, and first rate drums. I actually needed “The Sun Goes On Rising”, which is like a lullaby for anyone being pounded by hardships. As a musician, it appealed to me harmonically because the classic chord changes fit so well against Sarah’s voice, and the brush work the drummer was doing really locked the groove in. One final note — the recording quality of this CD is excellent, and the mix is as warm as the music. Simply stellar!!