Audra Mae on Wed, July 31, 2013

“Two years later she bursts out of the gate on the follow-up’s opening salvo, declaring baby I’m coming/better ready yourself/be looking for me ‘cause I’m the real thing with the declarative gum-snapping intensity of a Wanda Jackson in her prime. The guitar, bass, and drums lay down an energized backbeat as Mae whips up a sexy lather on a rockabilly rave-up that’ll slap you in the face.” –Allmusic

“This trash-talkin’ young Oklahoma native is the rock ‘n’ roll answer to Miranda Lambert. The best line on this swagga-filled stomp? ‘I love my apron, but I ain’t your mama.'” –Esquire Magazine

“We got a taste of what to expect on this self-titled gem late last year with the release of a five-track EP with the new backing players, and the Oklahoma native builds on that success over the course of 37 near-perfect alt-country minutes.” –The Daily News

“A certifiable vocal powerhouse and a proven songwriter, Audra Mae takes her music to a new level with her energized songwriting and a few great musicians by her side.” –Alternative Press

“Her tune on Susan Boyle’s album pays her bills, but left to her own devices, Judy Garland’s grand-niece reveals who she was born to be: a singer of haunting, modern-day folk ballads. Audra Mae sings of sin and redemption, Civil War letters and the fleeting pleasures of money, her crystal-clear wail engulfed by dark waves of tremolo guitar” —USA TODAY

“What Neko Case might sound like just half an inch closer to the mainstream.” –Emusic