Terry Dearmore, Keith Brewer, Connecting The Dots: An Anthology In Story And Song on Sat, September 27, 2014

How many people can say that they were signed to a major record deal and had a single released nation wide by the time they were  twenty.Well,Oklahoma City’s Keith Brewer and Edmond’s Terry Dearmore can!

These two early red dirt music pioneers were influential in other ways as well:they were doing original music,country and folk rock here in OKC,in 1968,in a little band they named Fat Sow after a line in one of Brewer’s originals.

Keith Brewer had been to the West Coast in 1966 and landed smack dab in the middle of rock’s,soon to be,superstars,like Buffalo Springfield,Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley,the Byrds and many others and had been inspired to do more with what he had heard musically.Terry Dearmore went the easterly route through Nashville during the “Golden Years” of Bob Beckam(also from OKC),the president of Combine Publishing and Monument Records,who had discovered artists like Kris Kristofferson,Roy Orbison,Dolly Parton,Larry Gatlin and many others.Terry was also a member of “Barefoot Jerry” with Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy.

United in spirit and dedicated to a new sound,they wrote some of their best tunes in the summer of 1973 while living in Nashville and cutting them at Combine’s demo studio on Music Row.

Come and listen to the sound they found.They will be joined on stage by Charla Brewer,Phil Reimer,David Pearson,and Elyse Angelo,at the Blue Door,September 27.Doors open at 7:30,show at 8:00.