Ariana Gillis on Wed, September 3, 2014

Visionary, imaginative, alluring and inimitable; critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ariana Gillis is a commanding performer that has shared the stage with John Prine, Shawn Colvin and Josh Ritter.

“Ariana Gillis is astounding!” —Bob Ezrin, Producer Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd

“I am staggered by how good she is.” —Bernie Taupin, Lyricist for Sir Elton John

“Ariana Gillis may be the best new emerging artist anywhere.” —Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone

“When you compose songs as great as some of your heroes, Bob Dylan and Patty Griffin, you enter into rarified air”. —Found Magazine

“Her stage presence is the most visually grabbing I’ve ever seen. I was stunned at the intense connection between herself and what she was singing; I thought of the strength of character that embodied Janis Joplin’s performances.” —Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc.