Mama Sweet CD Release Show on Thu, December 4, 2014

“It’s impossible to nail down Mama Sweet. Everyone has a different description of how the band sounds. I’ve heard: Red Dirt Rock, Southern Americana, Bluegrass Funk, and even Psychedelic Country. To me it just sounds like Oklahoma music, a mix of rock, country, blues, funk, folk and Americana. I’ve been to a lot of good shows over the years and can honestly say that Mama Sweet is as good as any of them.” — The Lost Ogle

It’s been a long wait for Mama Sweet fans, but the band is about to release their anticipated new album, 21 echo. People who know, already love the Sweet, and everybody else needs to find out: these guys are the real thing. It’s their first time at the Blue Door, so let’s make ’em feel at home! Come out!

Mama Sweet combines singer/songwriter, vintage psychedelic rock, country & western, classic soul, and hard rock. The group has drawn fans of many genres by combining talent, skill and amazing live performances to create something new, exciting and powerful yet reminiscent of the timeless songs that still inspire today’s listener. Their musical style moves seamlessly through tightly arranged pop to extended jams with powerful crescendos while Aron Holt’s lyrics and melodies transcend styles, appealing to ears that dig hooks as well as those looking for depth and experience. Continually asked to return wherever they play, the foursome produce a distinct sound with instrumental virtuosity and soul to spare. The Sweet has found their audience in lovers of alt-country, classic rock, indie rock, roots, Americana and old-school country. Their stories are those of love, hope, hard lessons, and rebellion.