John Calvin Abney CD Release on Sun, January 25, 2015

John Calvin Abney

An evoker of chaos with perfectionist tendencies, John Calvin Abney is a singer-songwriter that exists between the fringes of incendiary rock ‘n roll and delicate folk-country. He was born in the Sierra Mountains and raised on the plains of Oklahoma, often treading the skies and highways between these places. For years, John filled his tours as a sideman and instrumentalist, while busily writing songs when idle at home. Influenced by the songs of artists such as Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Nick Drake, his songs breathe honesty, stories sewn together by deeply personal lyrics and characters living on vice and virtue between shadow and sunlight.

M. Lockwood Porter

M. Lockwood Porter’s songs toe the line between country-tinged Americana and straight-up rock-and-roll, with poetic storytelling front and center. A SF Bay Area transplant from rural Oklahoma, Porter’s sound recalls his birthplace and a childhood spent exploring the far reaches of the rock canon. The result is something close to timeless – reminiscent at times of Neil Young, Wilco, Ryan Adams, and Bruce Springsteen.