Carter Sampson, Ryan Pickop and Clint Alphin on Tue, June 16, 2015

Three 2015 Telluride Troubadour Finalists in one show!

Carter Sampson

Carter Sampson is an Okie born, Oklahoma based singer-songwriter. Blessed by a musical legacy from a family that includes such talents as Roy Orbison, Carter’s journey as a musician seems to have been predestined. A naturally independent free spirit, what started as a pastime at age 15 had matured into a dedicated passion of creation and performance.

Ryan Pickop

Some people chose to write songs. For Ryan, songwriting is an integral and primal activity. He crafts songs with the care of a poet, a carpenter, a parent. His songs are an extension of himself, collections of imagery patched together and infused with his yearning and regrets, love and anger; touching the universal with small moments of observation and the individual with personal thoughts and confessions.

Clint Alphin

Folk, Bluegrass, and Country music fill the hearts of every local in the southern states. With, its rich acoustic instrumentation and rich vocal harmonies, the music is honest, pure and natural. This tradition is what laid the foundation for Clint Alphin’s first independent self titled solo release.

Hailing from North Carolina, Clint has drawn inspiration from his home state’s heroes. “There is so much great music that has come out of North Carolina,” Alphin says. “James Taylor is perhaps my biggest influence; his phrasing and harmonic melodies are what have inspired me to first write songs.”