Miss Brown To You and Robert Williams on Fri, September 18, 2015

Mary Reynolds & Louise Goldberg

These musicians perform with passion and humor and total commitment to the emotional power of the music they love. Miss Brown to You refuses to be confined to one style, one period. Instead they prefer to expand the horizon of every genre they play, even while upholding the traditions of the musicians that have inspired them in the past. The musicians that make up Miss Brown to You are capable of an eclectic abandon that few other bands attempt, and they are looking for an audience that appreciates a broad palate of musical colors.

Robert Wiliams 

Singer-songwriter Robert Williams comes from a place no other American singer-songwriter can lay claim to. Born and raised in Oklahoma, his crossroads meet at a dark little gin joint where Kurt Weil vamps and Hank Williams sings lonesome, heartbroken melodies.

Already earning a living from his music at the age of 19, Williams ran away to Berlin in 1969 and quickly found himself caught up in a thriving music scene rife with a nightly smorgasbord of stellar musicians, singing transvestites, multi-lingual songwriters and countless other denizens of the hippest scene going.