Kyle Reid and Daisy O’Connor on Thu, November 12, 2015

Kyle Reid

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Kyle Reid works tirelessly to bring his brand of jazz and swing into the local music scene. —

Daisy O’Connor

A home-schooled farm girl — turned social worker turned touring troubadour — Texas songwriter Daisy O’Connor knows a thing or two about self-creation. As a teen Daisy saved money to buy her first guitar by selling sheep. She taught herself how to play in her unheated attic bedroom, and went on to self-release her debut EP, Do Be Do in April 2014.

Co-written with legendary songwriter Steve Poltz (who wrote “You Were Meant For Me” with Jewel), “Do Be Do” is a folk-pop hit that playfully comments on the current state of American life — mega churches, Walmart, “marriage and Miller Lite” — while encouraging the listener to “grab ahold of the reins… because right now we are free… to do and be and do be do be do…”