Ben de la Cour and Andy Adams on Sun, June 26, 2016

Ben de la Cour bleeds the songs he sings. Within the understated instrumentation and de la Cour’s baritone voice lie stark, haunting songscapes: moody recollections that recount the journey of a life that is not always pretty, but proves better than one of mundane predictability.” (Turnstyled, Junkpiled)


Andy Adams

Born in Tahlequah Oklahoma some time ago and now residing in Oklahoma City his lyrical textures are literate self-contained accounts spanning an observation of the trials and tribulations of an addicts daily ordeal to a music picnic scenario with a mystical gnome metaphor, each composition complete in soul and story in its’ own personal universe. His more personal lyrics are boldly romantic in this time of shallow detachment, and project a serious understanding of the love that makes relationships function without stress.

Andy is also a respected sideman and has contributed to the quality of live shows of many artists. When he is not playing bass for Carter Sampson, he might be sitting in on harmonica or guitar for any number of local acts.  His harmonica technique is nothing but taste, is it in blues or other regions of the musical gamut.

Andy has two albums of music available for your listening pleasure. “Done Crossed That Line” is a studio production from 2013 and is well respected across the musical community in Oklahoma and features many top players on several tracks. It leans to Americana but is ultimately beyond categorization in its artistic range.   The more recent “I’ll Try Harder Next Time,” (2015) is more Spartan with tracks limited to live performance by Andy alone reflecting the possibilities of what he can do in real time and it equals the more produced works in its’ unbridled honesty.