Levi Parham – These American Blues Album Release on Thu, June 23, 2016

Levi Parham self-recorded and released his first album, An Okie Opera (2013), to local acclaim as one of Oklahoma’s top Americana singer/songwriters. With sights set high for a follow up to Opera, he traveled to Nashville, TN to record Avalon Drive (2014). With his second release came heavy press coverage for singles “Never Coming Home To Me” and “Ruby” as well as fan favorite “Love Comes Around” (Daytrotter 2015 Top 100). Eyes always looking forward, there was no time to rest. As Avalon Drive saw it’s one year anniversary Parham inked a deal with Music Road Records and jumped in full steam for his first studio full length, These American Blues (6/24/16).

“Avalon greased the wheels for the new record. Having found my feet on the road, and with such amazing talent to back me up, These American Blues fell right into place.” says Parham of his time at  Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, TX. Featured tracks These American Blues, Steal Me and I’m Behind Ya open up new voicing for Parham’s writing style. While Wrong Way To Hold A Man and Ain’t The Man To Tell Ya So remind us just how willing he is to be vulnerable with his audience.  With a steadily increasing fan base and a prolific tour schedule, Levi Parham shows no signs of slowing down, while the horizon gets bigger and broader.