Washitas – Bryon White, Dylan Stewart & Buffalo Rogers on Thu, July 28, 2016

Bryon White

From the frenzied rock and roll bands of his early years to the thoughtful and poignant songs of his more recent forays, Bryon White has traversed a single decade through multiple genres of music. Based in Oklahoma City, he has performed all across the state in solo performances as well as in various bands. His current project, The Damn Quails, is a folk duo with long-time pal Gabriel Marshall and is one of the busiest folk groups in the Oklahoma City area.

Buffalo Rogers is a singer/songwriter, who has been playing his music regionally for the last ten years. A wonderful Blend of rocking country/Americana/folk music and pulls from his homeland the wild central plains of Oklahoma. A multi-instrumentalist with a knack for showmanship and clever lyrics makes for a Great show! Happy trails!

“My songs have strangeness and darkness to them; sometimes maybe tucked into a happy melody. Religious undertones and outlaw themes; drugs, death, redemption, and fate. I used to try to fight that direction when writing. I was afraid of myself I suppose. Now I embrace it. I think it came from growing up in church.” – Dylan Stewart