Levi Parham, Matt Haeck, Zach Schmidt, & John Calvin Abney on Fri, September 30, 2016

Levi Parham

Levi Parham is an Americana musician, singer and songwriter from southeast Oklahoma. The Kansas City Star called him “An Okie version of Ray Lamontagne…” while The Bluegrass Situation said, “Perhaps it’s something in the water – that same iron-heavy tap drink that Woody Guthrie sipped on as a young man….Whatever it is, Levi Parham has it.”

Parham self-recorded and released his first album, An Okie Opera (2013), to local acclaim as one of Oklahoma’s top Americana singer/songwriters. With sights set high for a follow up to Opera, he traveled to Nashville, TN to record Avalon Drive (2014). With his second release came heavy press coverage for singles “Never Coming Home To Me” and “Ruby” as well as fan favorite “Love Comes Around” (Daytrotter 2015 Top 100). Eyes always looking forward, there was no time to rest. As Avalon Drive saw it’s one year anniversary Parham inked a deal with Music Road Records and jumped in full steam for his first studio full length, These American Blues (6/24/16).

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Matt Haeck

Matt Haeck comes by his contradictions honestly. Scrappy with a genuine, lyrical voice, he sings truths hard-earned from struggles most men twice his age haven’t seen. Born in Barbados, West Indies to missionary parents, he was introduced to music through hymns. While working on a Master Of Divinity to become a pastor, he fell out of love with theology and religion and decided to pursue music instead.

The songs of Late Bloomer evoke raw truth through personal confessions and imaginative characters. With a silky Southern drawl, Haeck sings about depression, divorce, battling demons and vices.

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Zach Schmidt

The best songwriters can take you to a specific place and specific time – even if you’ve never been. It’s exactly what happens when you listen to Zach Schmidt’s music. The Pittsburgh native has emerged on the Nashville folk music scene with his 2013 release of “Horse or Truck or Train”, demonstrating undeniable talent as a fresh singer-songwriter.

Inspired by a bike ride across the continental U.S., “Horse or Truck or Train” is a winding journey, rich with imagery and stories of hard work and heartbreak.

Zach’s music has a profound ability to pay homage to the longstanding tradition of folk music while breathing new-life into American sound. His songs are as classic as his sound – drawing you in with a timeless quality – spinning a story you could swear was your own.

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John Calvin Abney

John Calvin Abney doesn’t stand still. He’d be the first to tell you that.

Abney originally made his name as a rowdy side man, playing guitar, pedal steel, keys and drums for a number of other acts. Thanks to years of extensive touring, both solo and as a gun-for-hire, Abney is possessed of some impressive instrumental stage chops.

But lately, it’s lyricism where he finds his inspiration, with encouragement from a host of Oklahoma songwriters in close proximity. His new release, “Far Cries and Close Calls,” recorded with musicians from Tulsa and Nashville, is the culmination of John’s recent writing, reflecting the journeys that led him across states and seas, incorporating this last year of experience. His songs can be both frenetic and meditative, deeply affectionate and mired in loneliness, and, like Abney himself, both road-weary and ready for adventure.

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