Joe Baxter & the Lost Cause, Steelwind, Gypsy Twang on Mon, September 26, 2016

Join Joe Baxter and all of his friends for a fundraiser show for the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival‘s Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Joe Baxter & the Lost Cause

Joe Baxter is a long-suffering, little-known, hometown, pre-Americana, redneck, short-haired, red-faced, irreverent, irresponsible, quirkily well-read, bombastic yet insightful, mouth-breathing, loud-laughing, dog-loving, nap-taking, no-workin’, fish-catching, backroad-driving, liberal, Okie songwriter. The Lost Cause has been Joe’s band since their first appearance on the Grape Ranch Stage at The Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in 2006. Because what comes around goes around, they appeared on the Brick Street Stage this year, back at WoodyFest.

Joe has recorded seven studio albums from 1994 to 2015. Their latest album, Pick Rash, was debuted right here at the Blue Door.


Oklahoma grown bluegrass duo, Blake Parks and Michael Henneberry, started their musical journey jamming at bluegrass festivals together in 2009. It wasn’t long until they were writing songs of their own. Their first compilation of original songs can be found on their debut album, The Sound of a Train. Steelwind has played shows with the likes of Darrell Scott and Tony Rice.

Over the course of a year, Parks and Henneberry met weekly to write new songs for their sophomore album titled, F5. They look forward to sharing this special evening with you and releasing their new songs to the public.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Steelwind consists of Blake Parks on fiddle and vocals, Michael Henneberry on guitar and vocals, Jim Blair on banjo, Sam Parks on mandolin, Adam Davis on dobro, and Kenny Parks on upright bass.

Gypsy Twang

Gypsy Twang was established in May of 2009. Husband and wife Steve and Sarah had both done a few other things musically, but had always wanted to form a band together. They rounded up a couple of friends to play a gig with them, and the next thing they knew they were booking more dates and thinking up a name for the band (“Gypsy Twang” is a nod to both Bob Childers and Country & Western music).

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