Mike McClure with Guest Dylan Stewwart on Sat, February 4, 2017

Mike McClure

Mike McClure writes songs. He’s written a whole lot of them. So many that he probably doesn’t remember how all of them go. His songs are so good that other people like to sing them. Super famous people. Mike McClure has a band. There are four of them. They have instruments and they play them. They also have a van they ride around in. Mike also makes records. He’s made a lot of them. He also makes records for other people. You’ve probably heard some of them. Mike also likes swords and looking at weird things in antique stores. He raises ducks and geese or some kind of bird. He also raises kids. Life is funny and Mike McClure laughs at it.

Dylan Stewart

Dylan Stewart brings a Southern Gothic vibe to Oklahoma’s growing Americana scene with his new band the Eulogists. A new and refreshing quartet, the Eulogists seamlessly bridge the gaps between folk, rock, and alt-country. Stewart writes songs about love, loss, death and despair in a way that brings light to instances of beauty in the grotesque. Highlighted by shimmering guitars, driving rhythms and Stewart’s whiskey-soaked gravel-like vocals.