Malcolm Holcombe with Jared Tyler on Sat, June 10, 2017

Come out and celebrate with Malcolm Holcombe and Jared Tyler, who are BOTH releasing new CDs!

Malcolm Holcombe

Malcolm Holcombe is possessed by a singular sort of solitary genius that, like the novelist William Faulkner, is yet the voice of an entire region – the South–and even of a generation, though somehow transcendent of it, timeless. If true greatness moves from the particular to the universal, his music speaks for all of humanity while remaining entirely his own.

A North Carolina son of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Holcombe belongs to a tradition of bardic singer-songwriters that includes such legends as Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Gurf Morlix and David Olney. He is an acclaimed contemporary of Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle and has shared the stage with Merle Haggard, Richard Thompson, John Hammond, and Leon Russell. Yet Holcombe stands apart, his soul-stirring lyrics are hill country high poetry, the music pure back roads. His musicianship is uncanny, like no other, as though he had invented the guitar.

In a very real sense he is a latter day Elizabethan poet troubadour of barrooms, ragged towns and coal miner shacks. His intimate, poignantly etched lyrics invite you in, sit you down, speak directly to you. Listening to them, you are befriended.

Malcolm Holcombe website

Jared Tyler

Songwriter. Producer. Musician.

There’s no best way to introduce Jared Tyler. He’s too many things.

He’s a recording artist, to be sure, with two striking albums to his credit. He’s a singer of effortless beauty and soul and a writer who disarms with clear-eyed vision. He’s also a multi-instrumentalist who’s supported some of the most discerning performers in roots/folk music. But back up a bit, and you’ll see the true Jared Tyler – a reaching musical mind and spirit who brings out the best in others. That’s why his years of experience as a record producer suggest that Jared Tyler’s trajectory is not toward the spotlight he once sought as a singer on country radio, but toward a prominent place in music creation – both behind and in front of the microphones. At 33, Tyler is squarely in a Generation Y that is growing more in touch with American roots music and looking for its own T Bone Burnett or Daniel Lanois. Jared Tyler is on his way to being that producer/visionary.

In his relatively short career, Jared has made music with a remarkable array of respected artists. He’s opened shows for Nickel Creek, Merle Haggard, Wilco, Shelby Lynne, Shannon Lawson, John Hammond and Willis Alan Ramsey. He’s performed or recorded with Emmylou Harris, David Wilcox, Suzi Ragsdale and Stony LaRue. And as a producer, he’s worked with the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Monica Taylor, Jimmy LaFave and Malcolm Holcombe, among others.

“Jared Tyler not only has the rare ability to see through to the heart of a song, he illuminates it so that others can see it too,” says co-producer Chuck Zwicky (mixing engineer for Prince). And roots/Americana producer Ray Kennedy says “Jared Tyler is equally great as an artist, songwriter, musician and producer. He transcends all the boundaries of music with a remarkable force that makes his music timeless.”

“I’ve had many people tell me I have a universal voice,” says a deeply appreciative Tyler. “I’ve always thought I could appeal to the country audience but also maybe I could open up their ears to different production approaches and show the universality of music like back in the day when you could turn on the radio and hear it all.”

As we said, Tyler is no one thing. And he’s a much more remarkable creator of music for it.

Jared Tyler website