Caroline Spence on Wed, April 26, 2017

“Spence writes with an authority beyond her years, crafting indelible phrases of heartbreak and longing. She has a rugged, sweet soprano and a heart-tugging delivery. She’s the kind of act who’ll make you nostalgic, even if you aren’t sure for what. That’s because she sounds timeless.”
– Jordan Taylor Sloan, Policy Mic

“Caroline Spence has embraced that part of the southern folk tradition that knows how to turn a phrase. It’s a tradition whose emphasis is on telling a story or capturing an experience without hiding behind stylistic gimmicks. It’s a tradition that has no patience for crap. It’s a tradition that’s perfect for combining Spence’s enduring melodies with challenging lyrics that demand attention.Her upcoming album highlights the balance that makers her music so interesting: the softness of her voice held against the deep fire that pervades her lyrics. She has found the precise paired of edge and softness that cuts like only the truth can. She understand that we are often several contradictory things at once. Her songs reward listening to again and again.”
– Jon Karr, NY Minute Magazine