Mary Battiata on Wed, August 2, 2017

Mary Battiata & Little Pink is the ongoing alt-country, Americana, roots, pop-folk-twang-mongrel music project of singer-songwriter Mary Battiata (pronounced Batt’-tea-ah’-ta – it’s Italian). The band name takes its inspiration, from The Band recording of similar name. Other big influences: Dolly Parton, Hazel Dickens, Hank Williams, the Feelies, “Aftermath” and “Flowers,” to name a few. Mary has released three full-length CD’s of original music.

Her latest, “The Heart, Regardless,” is out now. It was recorded over the course of a year in Baltimore MD with a standout band of veteran country and bluegrass players from the Mid-Atlantic, including Tim Pruitt, Alex Weber, Dave Hadley and Ed Hough, along with contributions from special guests Dudley Connell (The Seldom Scene), Mike Munford, Patrick McAvinue and more. The record features 13 original songs by Mary, plus her cover of a modern honky-tonk classic by Baltimore songwriter Arty Hill.