Marley’s Ghost on Sat, September 9, 2017

We’re sorry, but the Marley’s Ghost show is cancelled. We hope to see them another time!

* * * * *

On the heels of The Woodstock Sessions, its rootsy collaboration with producer Larry Campbell to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, Marley’s Ghost returned to the studio with Campbell to continue the chemistry. The result is a joyful and resonant album of gospel roots featuring the band’s trademark multi-part harmonies to be released in 2017. Bracketed by these two buoyant musical adventures, the band will be featuring tunes from both albums in their return to Soho.

“The set list itself is an inspiration. The revelation, though, is just how strong and unswerving Marley’s Ghost stays centered on doing American music proud. It’s a love affair set to sound, and every time it comes around we’re all the better for it. Believe.” – Bill Bentley, The Morton Report

“Thirty years into their career, Marley’s Ghost is like a well-worn leather jacket. You can admire their tenure intelectually, but up-close, with your ears, you can’t help but be moved by the effortless music that tenure has produced.” – No Depression

“The band’s breadth, interpersonal chemistry and instrumental skills create performance from the seemingly simpler act of music making. “Seemingly,” because it’s anything but simple for skills to be so completely second nature.” – Hyperbolium

“The Woodstock Sessions is an album that can best be described as nothing less than delightful . . . a collection of songs that are simply flawless . . . impeccable musicianship and acclaimed harmonies . . . a beautifully cohesive and enjoyable collection that recalls the past while remaining distinctly current.” – The Daily County

“There are lots of artists and bands playing roots music these days. But very few who can begin to capture the genuine sound these guys have. These thirteen tracks have true resonance and personality, inspirational to a whole new generation of musicians.” – Babysue

The band consists of :
Jerry Fletcher
Ed Littlefield, Jr.
Mike Phelan
Dan Wheetman
Jon Wilcox