Mike Hosty, Dylan Stewart, Mike McClure on Thu, March 15, 2018

Mike Hosty

Out of Norman, Oklahoma, witty guitar guru Mike Hosty, plays as a One Man Band playing drums with his feet, playing the guitar and singing at the same time at the Deli in Norman, OK on Campus Corner and entertains as the Hosty Duo with sometimes with the addition of a Drummer combining for a tour schedule of 250 shows a year. Hosty simultaneously tears through gritty slide leads, blows harmonica and or Kazoo and uses foot pedals to stomp bass lines. His guitar collection includes an 8 string instrument that allows him to thump three bass strings with his thumb while he fingerpicks guitar. Whether solo Hosty or Hosty Duo, he has developed a huge underground following of bikers, sorority gals, hippies and truckers.

Mike Hosty website

Dylan Stewart

Dylan Stewart brings a Southern Gothic vibe to Oklahoma’s growing Americana scene with his new band the Eulogists. A new and refreshing quartet, the Eulogists seamlessly bridge the gaps between folk, rock, and alt-country. Stewart writes songs about love, loss, death and despair in a way that brings light to instances of beauty in the grotesque. Highlighted by shimmering guitars, driving rhythms and Stewart’s whiskey-soaked gravel-like vocals.Dylan Stewart website

Mike McClure

Mike McClure writes songs. He’s written a whole lot of them. So many that he probably doesn’t remember how all of them go. His songs are so good that other people like to sing them. Super famous people. Mike McClure has a band. There are four of them. They have instruments and they play them. They also have a van they ride around in. Mike also makes records. He’s made a lot of them. He also makes records for other people. You’ve probably heard some of them. Mike also likes swords and looking at weird things in antique stores. He raises ducks and geese or some kind of bird. He also raises kids. Life is funny and Mike McClure laughs at it.

Mike McClure website