The Washitas With Dylan Stewart, Bryon White, Buffalo Rogers on Sat, March 3, 2018

Dylan Stewart

Dylan Stewart brings a Southern Gothic vibe to Oklahoma’s growing Americana scene with his new band the Eulogists. A new and refreshing quartet, the Eulogists seamlessly bridge the gaps between folk, rock, and alt-country. Stewart writes songs about love, loss, death and despair in a way that brings light to instances of beauty in the grotesque. Highlighted by shimmering guitars, driving rhythms and Stewart’s whiskey-soaked gravel-like vocals.

Dylan Stewart website

Bryon White

Bryon White website

Buffalo Rogers

Buffalo Rogers is a singer/songwriter, who has been playing his music regionally for the last ten years. A wonderful blend of rocking country/Americana/folk music and pulls from his homeland the wild central plains of Oklahoma. A multi-instrumentalist with a knack for showmanship and clever lyrics makes for a great show! Happy trails!

Buffalo Rogers website