Terry Buffalo Ware CD Release with Special Guests Sunday Flyers on Sat, May 26, 2018

Terry Buffalo Ware

Started piano at 9, guitar at 14. First guitar was a Kay acoustic my folks got with Green Stamps. First song I learned on guitar was when I picked out Pipeline on it. Saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Life changing event. Played in a band called “The Debtors” in high school. Later changed our name to “The Debtor Group” because we thought it sounded hipper.
” In college played in a short-lived band called “Grumbly Rumhogan,” then another band called, “Sailor.” After college moved to Red River, New Mexico. Met Ray Wylie Hubbard and began playing with him. Eventually we added bass and drums and became “Ray Wylie Hubbard and The Cowboy Twinkies.” Played all over the place during the great progressive country scare of the seventies. Recorded an ill fated album for Reprise Records. Left Ray in 1979 and played locally around Norman and OKC in a band called, “The Sensational Shoes.” Left in 1986 and got back playing with Ray again. Made records, toured a lot, had a wonderful time. In 1997 I started playing with Jimmy LaFave. For a brief time, I played with both Ray and Jimmy when they had the same agent, but eventually stayed with Jimmy full time until April of 2000. Began freelancing after that, playing with a variety of folks, Macon Greyson and Camille Harp included and a host of singer/songwriters at The Blue Door in OKC, which I still do. Some of the folks I’ve backed up at The Blue Door include Ray Wylie, Michael Fracasso, Don Conoscenti, Bob Livingston, Ramsay Midwood, The Red Dirt Rangers, the late Bob Childers, Greg Jacobs, Iain Matthews, Lisa Mednick and many others at the annual Blue Door Woody Guthrie Tribute including Susan Herndon, Monica Taylor, Mary Reynolds, John Fullbright and more. For close to three years in the mid ’00s, I played Monday nights at The Deli in Norman with Travis Linville. I’ve also played at The Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, OK (Woodyfest) every year since its inception. For the last several of those I’ve led the house band and hosted the “Hoot For Huntingtons” that closes the festival every year. The house band also backed up Wanda Jackson in ’09 at the pre-festival concert in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom. With the house band and otherwise, I’ve backed up dozens of performers at the festival. In addition, I also have an instrumental band called, “The Shambles.” We play a few select dates a year and play all instrumental music; surf, rock, r&b, blues, etc. We also do some of my original compositions. I’ve also recorded four independent instrumental albums, “Reverb Confidential,” “Ridin’ the Reverb Range,” “Buffalo Tracks” and “Reverb Babylon.”

The Sunday Flyers