Chris Lee Becker on Sat, August 11, 2018

Chris Lee Becker is a purveyor of original Americana Folk music based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He cut his chops playing bluegrass mandolin in the Rocky Mountains which is where and when he began adventuring in to the realm of songwriting. Becker sought knowledge from a wealth of talented creators of tunes amongst those mountains, especially from the venerable Benny “Burle” Galloway, whose attic apartment Becker inhabited for a stint, and the various rotating members of Rock and Rye, a Durango traditional Bluegrass band head up by David “Windup” Smith.

After re-relocating to Oklahoma (where he was raised and let loose), Becker found himself playing the mandolin in a progressive Bluegrass outfit called the Skillbillies (including Thomas Trapp, Joe Mack and Kabe Cornell) as well as Bill Erickson’s New Migrant Workers (Bill writes perfect songs). The musical learnings recommenced as Becker was immersed in some of Oklahoma’s finest musical talentry, and he cut his first album in 2009, produced by Kabe Cornell and executively produced by Brandon “Bubba” Hamilton. Since then, Becker has been lurking in the corners of the Tulsa music scene, witnessing an incredible amount of awesomeness, playing and writing alongside a long list of downright amazing musicians and evolving his sound and lyrical style.