Greg Jacobs and Randy Pease on Sat, October 13, 2018

Greg Jacobs  

As part of a group of  “red dirt” musicians who migrated to Stillwater in the late 1970’s – a rag-tag outfit that includes Jimmy LaFave, Tom Skinner, Bob Childers and the Red Dirt Rangers – Checotah singer/songwriter Greg Jacobs helped set the standard for great Okie songwriting.  His landmark CD, “Reclining With Age” brought Jacobs to an audience far beyond his Oklahoma home, and his new recording,  “Lucky Live,” a mostly best-of live collection, promises to be his most successful collection.  “Lucky Live” features Travis Linville, John Fullbright and Terry Buffalo Ware assisting Jacobs on most of his best known songs including  “Farmer’s Luck” “A Little Rain Will Do” “Okie Wind” “Enjoy The Ride” “I’m Not Afraid Of The Blues” and Patient Man,”  as well as  newer songs  “C Chord” “From Here To Tulsa” and  “Eyes Of A Child.”   Some call Jacobs the red dirt crooner because of his easy goin’ style, and that just might be right.  He is the smoothest of all the red dirt troubadours, laying down a solid Okie groove, on songs that are both historic and personal. While big-time success by way of Nashville isn’t in the cards for Jacobs, he remains one of the more original of all singer/songwriters working in America today and more than most delivers on the promise of Woody Guthrie, who said ‘ all you can do is write what you see’.

“I decided a while ago that I wasn’t going to be a songwriter like they think of them in Nashville. Even though I did at one time really want that—I went to Nashville looking for it—I finally got to the point where I just said I am going to play my songs the way I like them and if someone likes them, fine.”

Well it seems a lot of folks like them and with the release of “Lucky Live”  listeners will be able to hear Greg as he is on any given night, up close and personal with a few stories and admissions to tell.

Recent cuts by Cody Canada & the Departed ( A Little Rain Will Do)  and Jason Boland (Farmers Luck) have brought Jacobs songs to a whole new audience and his recent appearance at the Red Bull Songwriter festival further impressed the mostly youthful crowd.  Greg Jacobs is back in the conversation, back at the forefront of Oklahoma singer/songwriters.

Randy Pease