Travis Meadows on Wed, September 19, 2018

“It’s a relatable story, which can be said for the bulk of First Cigarette. If Killin’ Uncle Buzzy and the follow-up EP Old Ghosts & Unfinished Business were about Meadows’ personal experiences, the new album focuses on the things we all share, especially the small joys. Like that first hit of caffeine or nicotine to kick-start the day.”
-Joseph Hudak, ROLLING STONE Country

“Travis wrote one of the most personal, revealing, amazing albums I’ve ever heard in my life – Killin Uncle Buzzy.”
– Bart Herbison, Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

“I love Travis as a singer-songwriter. A couple of records ago, I cut one of his songs called ‘Cherry on Top,’ which is a long way from this song. He had a record called ‘Killin’ Uncle Buzzy,’ which he wrote when he was getting treatment, and the song [‘What We Ain’t Got’] was on the record, and I would sit on the bus while I was out on the road and listen to it…There was so much honesty in it. I’ve learned that in order for me to move on down the road in my career and be a part of this genre that it’s all about great songs. It doesn’t matter who wrote it or where it came from. It’s all about the music.”
– Jake Owen, Billboard – Read here.

“NASHVILLE’S MOST BADASS SONGWRITER, TRAVIS MEADOWS… The artist who conquered cancer and addiction, and made friends with Eric Church and Jake Owen, has penned some of country’s most stinging songs…”
– Joseph Hudak – ROLLING STONE Country