Dan Martin And Beau Roberson on Fri, November 2, 2018

Dan Martin is a singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK.

Martin releases his debut album (produced by Mike McClure) with philosophical honesty ascribed to the life he has experienced and the places he has seen. “Alive don’t mean winning”, Martin states on the opening track “Hoka Hey”. The phrase “Hoka Hey” itself translates from the infamous battle cry from the Sioux warrior, Crazy Horse, meaning, “It is a good day to die.” Thoughts like this bloom throughout all ten tracks, giving listeners a surplus of opportunity to climb into the pictures Martin paints; all the while enjoying a folkie Boohatch Studio and Horton Records production.

These tracks possess an acoustic comfort that can be credited to the musicians performing on the record. A listener will find Cody Woody, Kevin Smith, and Jacob Flint at the forefront of enhancing these poetic melodies into Folk/Americana luminosity. “Hoka Hey” gives the back-porch listener ambition to travel the frontier of spiritual and psychological growth.


Singer songwriter Beau Roberson is a rapidly rising star in Tulsa. He leads the band Pilgrim who had a long standing Sunday gig at The Colony bar in Tulsa, OK for a solid 3 years starting in 2008. This recurring gig was instrumental in the development of the band with the result being an incredibly tight live unit with a solid fan base that grew with the band as they evolved. It’s more of that Tulsa music mixing rock, funk, country, and blues with a high-energy, tight delivery. Don’t miss their live show.