Shannon McNally on Thu, December 20, 2018

I first heard of Shannon McNally through John Leventhal, who described her vocal skills as having just the right amount of girlish smoke. At the time I was looking for just the right singer to make a cameo appearance on a song I was recording called “Famous Last Words of a Fool.” Trusting John’s appraisal—from his description I imagined something of a cross between Joan Jett and Lauren Bacall—I set about tracking the mystery singer down. What I eventually discovered in the small town of Holly Springs, Mississippi was this dark-eyed beauty who wrote grown-up songs, played a pretty mean Fender Stratocaster and, at times, sounded a lot Jesse Mae Hemphill. From our first meeting I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was the right man for the job of shepherding the next Shannon McNally record into existence. Now that the record is made, I hope music lovers around the world will come to know what I and many others already know: This girl belongs in the Americana Music spotlight.

Rodney Crowell

“Shannon McNally brings her elegant, effortless and silky tones to her first release, Black Irish, since 2013. Settle in for an accomplished and crafted affair…”
–Tony Ives/Americana Music Show

“McNally is back. Enjoy her wondrous voice and the effervescent spirt of this album. She proves to be, not surprising to those who are familiar with her catalog, a terrific interpreter in the vein of Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt.”
–Jim Hynes/Elmore magazine