Amilia K Spicer on Thu, January 24, 2019

“One of the best albums, any genre, in the past decade”-Popdose

“There still might be hope for the great American soundtrack- No Depression

“Fill Me Up”…10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing-

“It’s a Stunner” -Lone Star Magazine

As the lyric from her song “Shotgun” implies, singer-songwriter Amilia K Spicer has a thing for wide-open spaces and exotic places. Even her record label name, Free Range, reflects her vagabond spirit-which has carried her from the rolling green hills of her native Pennsylvania, to the hill country of central Texas, and even the mountain monasteries of Nepal. She lives in Los Angeles and Austin, but she might tell you she feels most rooted when she’s heading toward a distant horizon, guided by the sky. Her label’s motto? “Don’t fence me in.”