Kelly Hunt on Wed, January 23, 2019

With superior skills as a writer and live performer already on full display Memphis-born, Kansas City-based Kelly Hunt is beginning a creative career odyssey bursting with potential. Her primary instrument is her voice, which rings out with the confidence and clarity of one who has been singing all her life. Accompanied by her 1920s tenor banjo (“Ira”), 5-string banjo (“Stella”) and guitar (“Vernon”), her songs meld traditions of folk, classic country and old-time music into a sound that is both timeless and fresh. Her songwriting is poetic but approachable, full of feeling and alive with storytelling.

Her debut effort “Even The Sparrow”, which hits radio and international distribution in a few short months, is already catching the ear of the critical community:

“[In] her stunning debut album, ‘Even the Sparrow…’ Hunt applies her haunting voice and evocative banjo playing to songs that build on the work of contemporary masters like Gillian Welch. Hunt is a vital young voice who promises to continue providing solace and inspiration for decades.” – THE KANSAS CITY STAR

“…the combination of Hunt’s exceptional voice and exquisitely spare instrumentation is stunning. ‘Even the Sparrow’ will likely be my favorite non-“jazz album of the year by a Kansas City musician.” – BILL BROWNLEE, THERE STANDS THE GLASS

She will be your own new discovery at The Blue Door January 23rd.