Susan Herndon and Bella Counsel on Sat, March 9, 2019

SPIN, Susan Herndon and the Bella Counsel’s EP is available and is the precursor to their full-length record.  Keep an eye out for the new album in 2019! And look for Susan’s VAGABONDE, Volume 2 record, which is soon to be released.

SPIN cover art

“Singer-songwriter Susan Herndon is known for many things, but her reputation as Oklahoma’s consummate example of a working folk songstress might be how she is most remembered.  The internationally touring live-music veteran has worked as a full-time musician for the majority of the last two decades…(she is) one of contemporary Oklahoma folk’s most recognizable names.  Her very personal and often relatable lyrical style most recently graced fans’ ears on the EP SPIN… Herndon wrote the material on SPIN months before the 2016 presidential election reached its wild climax but she embraced the connection when her self-reflective lyrics began to so strongly and serendipitously align with the chaotic political season.” ~BEN LUSCHEN, THE OKLAHOMA GAZETTE

“Singer-songwriter Susan Herndon has perspective and experience uncommon in the central Oklahoma music scene…..she has truly lived the life of a road warrior troubadour. The music she plays defies categorization (and her) discography has been marked by a remarkable talent for marshaling intelligent collaboration.  The other two-thirds of Bella Counsel, in Bob French and Randall Coyne, are indisputably stalwarts in Norman musician circles.”~DOUG HILL, THE NORMAN TRANSCRIPT

“the tunefully earthy follow-up to Herndon’s predominantly French language 2015 LP “Vagabonde”…. SPIN coincides with our national social-political spin… (and is) an intensely personal collection…(with) her use of nature as a metaphor that flows like water through the lyrics…” ~BRANDY BAM MCDONNELL, THE OKLAHOMAN

In the meantime, and while we’re waiting for the new record, here’s a link to the raw recordings of Susan’s SONGS FROM THE VAULT~ enjoy!