Julian Dawson And Phil Lee on Thu, September 12, 2019

Now in his 40th year as a writer and musician, with a growing and highly appreciative audience in many countries and constantly positive reactions at radio and in the rock, folk and country music press, Julian Dawson remains an original voice, touring and performing with undiminished vigour and continuing to chart a cheerfully eclectic course through the contemporary music scene. What spare time he has, is spent with his family, listening to music, collecting vinyl rarities, walking, writing and simply enjoying life.

In this day of calculated some-assembly-required Americana nimrods strutting around in Civil War outfits, rodeo garb, and ripped jeans declaring themselves outlaws and poets, Phil Lee stands out like a Krugerand in a pile of tarnished pesos. A former truck driver with a penchant for throwing knives to keep his head in the right place, Lee managed to escape Durham, North Carolina with his drum kit and guitars before the authorities felt the need to restrain his activities.