Jacob Dement CD Release on Thu, January 23, 2020

…just as he admits in his song (Mr. Strange) from his new self titled album. He’s been making a living playing covers around Tulsa for over 12 years, while holding back his original music spawned by failed relationships and many attempts to cope with the fallout. In the self titled original album he explores this rollercoaster that his life took him on.

Jacob draws from a catalogue of over a thousand cover songs if you’re to hear him play around town, and is well seasoned after taking a few tours at sea with Norwegian and Carnival. He fronted a local cover band called The Sellouts that won best cover band of 2016 in Tulsa, and was nominated in several categories such as Best Solo Artist. In January 2019, Jacob accepted the opportunity to play as an Oklahoma featured folk artist at the Key West Mile 0 Festival.

One of the best singer/songwriters in Tulsa. Jacob has a magnetic voice and amazing guitar work to go with it. If you have never seen him live you are missing out!” – Cody Layne (Margaritaville, Tulsa)

“We get to hear a lot of musicians from all over this region, I can honestly say that Jacob Dement is a true talent. His smooth vocal delivery is one of the best I have personally heard. When it comes to his ability to play guitar, it is hands down unbelievable. People will be very pleased to witness such talent!” – Joel Holley (KVOD Radio)