Mike McClure & The Red Dirt Rangers on Friday, May 19 2023

One look at the last few years of Mike McClure’s life is to understand that there has been a life-altering awakening. It’s been a time of reckoning, renewal and growth for the singer, songwriter, artist and producer – a five-year span that’s resulted in Looking Up, 10 tracks that find him getting sober, wrestling with insecurity, finding a new love for both himself and others, and working to understand the new light he’s found in discovering that the best moments in life come from being present.

“The Rangers have a sound that combines the legacy of Woody Guthrie and Bob Wills with the spirit of everyone from Merle Haggard to the Grateful Dead and all manner of American music in between.” – Greg Johnson, No Depression magazine

“Writers with dirt under their fingernails, beat up snakeskin boots on their feet, whiskey and jalapenos in their bellies, and Kerouac on their minds.” – Real Groove, Auckland, New Zealand

“The Rangers always have epitomized and expanded on the Oklahoma red dirt sound – the elusive stew of country, folk, and whatever else is laying around…” -Thomas Conner, Tulsa World