Sam Baker on Saturday, June 03 2023

Sam Baker is a lyric writer, artist, and survivor. His songs are stories of everyday people facing everyday challenges: a young Mennonite welder who finds love, a ditch digger supporting his family, a veteran grappling with post-war life, a single mother driving around with a car full of baby junk, a widower writing ‘her’ name in the sand, and a straight-haired orphan in a house full of curls. They are survivors. Like Sam.

“Simultaneously beautiful and broken… Sam Baker is an artist worth waiting for” – NPR All Things Considered

“The Bard of the Workaday World” – Wall Street Journal

“Maybe the most captivating songwriter in America.” – Lone Star Music

“Sam Baker is an island of warmth and hope in dangerous times.” – Neon Filler