Max And Heather Stalling on Thursday, May 18 2023

Texas based singer/songwriter Max Stalling followed a unique path into the music business. He is originally from the Crystal City/Carrizo Springs area of southwest Texas. He has a masters degree in horticulture from Texas A&M University and left a day job as a research scientist for snack food giant Frito Lay to pursue a fulltime career as a songwriter. He has 6 studio albums and three live projects including a full-length DVD. In addition to solo and duo shows, Max travels with a four-piece band and does 150+ shows annually. Of recent, his wife of 15 years Heather, has been playing with Max’s band after her band’s lead singer fell ill.

Max is a staple in the Texas/Red Dirt scene as well as having chart-topping history in the Americana radio format. He has a star on
the South Texas Music Walk of Fame.