Drumming Bird and Andrew Montana on Sunday, August 13 2023

Drumming Bird is the main vehicle of singer-songwriter Austin Sawyer. The 24-year-old has been writing and performing music as Drumming Bird for over 8 years, meticulously crafting a sound that lies somewhere between the youthful noise of indie rock and the poignant working-class introspection of Americana. Drumming Bird’s latest chapter is defined by Nashville’s once-renowned culture of honest songwriting and steel guitars, and the clamor of DIY home studios that litter the city today.

Andrew Montana is a 23-year-old folk artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Andrew has been writing and performing since he was a young teen but really found his stride during the pandemic as a result of his social media presence. Andrew then spent several months of 2021 isolated in a remote cabin in the mountains of North Carolina recording his debut album, “Azalea, Holly.” Andrew’s first single from that album, “Strawberry” (a murder ballad about unconditional love) hooked listeners with its catchy melody and intriguing premise, and it helped him find a wide audience. Since it’s release, he has toured extensively and dropped seven additional singles from the album which was released in March of 2023.