The Blue Door Foundation

After operating for 14 years as a “house concert,” or as some would say, a glorified hobby, I formed the Blue Door Music Foundation to get the Blue Door to the next level. For years I have run the Blue Door without any revenue except ticket sales. Now, unless you are a club where the wine and beer flow freely, it is nearly impossible to bring in world class musicians and pay all the bills that go with such an operation. Thus, Blue Door Concerts now operates under the Blue Door Music Foundation umbrella. With this new status, we are poised to also be able to present workshops, seminars and other programs about the art and craft of songwriting. We also want to work with kids in schools, especially those who are disadvantaged. These are goals we are dedicated to work on, and any help with these efforts would be greatly appreciated. I know Darden Smith, The Red Dirt Rangers, Alejandro Escovedo, Sara Hickman, Michael Fracasso and many others have worked with kids over the years, and hopefully we can do more of this as we move forward with our foundation. Please help us anyway you can by donating or volunteering your time. Together we can make the Blue Door even better and continue to bring the best singer/songwriters to Oklahoma City on a regular basis.