Curtis McMurtry with Halleyanna & Dustin Welch on Sat, July 6, 2019

The Blue Door, Jan. 2012

Curtis McMurtry writes about villains that believe they are victims. Influenced by Fiona Apple, Billy Strayhorn and Leonard Cohen, Curtis’ music combines sardonic lyrics with crooked, unconventional arrangements. His first solo album Respectable Enemy was released in August 2014, and drew comparisons to Calexico and John Fullbright. His sophomore album The Hornet’s Nest was released in February 2017, and continues to garner […]

The Black Lillies on Sun, June 23, 2019

Known for their captivating blend of rock & roll and country, The Black Lillies have become one of Americana music’s biggest success stories: an internationally-renowned band of roots-rockers, armed with songs that blur the boundaries between genres. They are a mainstay on radio and album sales charts, with a sound that is as powerful in […]

Joshua Ray Walker on Thu, May 23, 2019

Raised on the music of the Smokey Mountains, Joshua Ray Walker took a precarious path back to traditional country music. one forged by musical exploration and life experiences that most his age have not yet endured. He has played his songs on stages All across Texas and beyond, enthralling listeners with his brand of melodic, character-driven writing […]

Giuila Millanta and Giakob Lee on Sun, May 19, 2019

Giulia Millanta is a songwriter from Florence, Italy, now based in Austin, TX. She is a traveler. She is a writer. She is a performer who uses her own unique style in combination with various genres to craft music that connects cultures. She plays guitar, ukulele and she sings in four languages-Italian, English, French and […]

Kierston White with ElizaBee & Derek Paul on Fri, June 14, 2019

Kierston White is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Shawnee, OK who performs solo and with trio The Tequila Songbirds (Camille Harp, Elizabee). White released her first and only album in 2014 and looks forward to a new record in 2019. “She wields her guitar like a woodsman’s axe, and in softer moments like a […]