Kevin Deal on Fri, October 5, 2018

“There must be something in the water: Kevin Deal is yet another serious Texas-based singer/songwriter. He’s in the Steve Earle/Joe Ely mold, both in terms of style and gambler’s instinct.” – Billboard Magazine Time was – and not so long ago-that country was strictly working man’s music. Working women, too, of course-and we’re talking hard […]

Chris Trapper on Fri, September 14, 2018

CANCELLED CHRIS TRAPPER began his career as the front man for late-90’s alternative rock band THE PUSH STARS (Capitol Records). With four CD releases and several high profile national tours — including a run with Matchbox Twenty — The Push Stars served to establish Chris as an authentic talent. As a singer /songwriter, Chris is […]

Awna Teixeira (Formerly of Po’ Girl) on Sat, August 18, 2018

Awna Teixeira

Portuguese-Canadian, multi-instrumentalist, Awna Teixeira began her musical career in 2001 performing all over North America and writing songs with various bands before joining Po’Girl, one of Canada’s hardest working international touring acts, in 2005. Over the course of creating five albums and seven years of solid-touring in 15 different countries, on 4 different continents, and […]

Andy Adams and Friends on Sat , December 22, 2018

Andy Adams

Many of his lyrical textures are literate self-contained accounts of everyday people with everyday problems. Each composition complete in soul and story in its own personal universe. Some of his more personal songs are boldly romantic in this time of shallow detachment and project a serious understanding of the love that makes relationships function without […]