Fred Eaglesmith on Sun, March 4, 2018

42 years on the road.
 22 studio albums.
 5 different band configurations.
 15 band members.
 11 buses.
 Countless stories.
 1 man.
 Fred Eaglesmith can talk to you about almost anything. Chances are, he’s had that car, tractor, job, relationship, idea, and hat. But throughout his life and experiences there is always one thing that has […]

Split Lip Rayfield on Wed, February 14, 2018

Split Lip Rayfield

From the blood-red heart of Kansas, Split Lip Rayfield is going stronger than ever. It’s completely fair to call these guys legends. It’s been more than two decades since they first mashed up their aggressive stew of acoustic bluegrass instrumentation, tight country vocals, fierce metal shred and in-your-face punk sensibilities. One observer said we all […]