Jason Eady with Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley on Tue, December 11, 2018

Jason Eady

Jason Eady’s inspired new album Daylight and Dark embraces multiple styles of die-hard country music to weave together 11 songs about the deep, messy details of love and life. The disc is sequenced to follow the arc of one man’s journey through the complexities of the heart. But the semi-autobiographical Daylight and Dark is not […]

Shannon McNally on Thu, December 20, 2018

I first heard of Shannon McNally through John Leventhal, who described her vocal skills as having just the right amount of girlish smoke. At the time I was looking for just the right singer to make a cameo appearance on a song I was recording called “Famous Last Words of a Fool.” Trusting John’s appraisal—from […]

Alan Doyle on Mon, February 18, 2019

Alan Doyle

Iconic Newfoundland singer-songwriter, best-selling author, actor and recent recipient of the Order of Canada, Alan Doyle released his third solo album, A Week At The Warehouse, on October 13, 2017 via Universal Music. A Week At the Warehouse was recorded live off the floor with Doyle’s band and legendary producer Bob Rock at the helm. […]

Aidan Carroll Quintet on Tue, November 20, 2018

Aidan Carroll is a versatile and thriving bassist living in Brooklyn, NY. Music has been at the forefront of Aidan’s life since as a young boy of 8 years old when he had a vision that he would play music for the rest of his life. Never looking back, he has since been following the […]